Who are we?

We are a data analytics consulting firm powered by analytics professionals with experience of having worked on some of the most challenging analytics assignments across the globe.

What do we do?

Our Core purpose is to help organisations gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace by transforming their data into a strategic asset.

What makes us different?

We have the ability to find simple and elegant solutions to the most complex analytics problems.

How we do it?

We do this through rigorous analysis, directed at all times by our intuition – the 6th sense – that has been honed through deep and extensive experience of working on challenging assignments across the globe.

Our Values


We believe in using our intuition to come up with novel solutions to complex analytics problems.


We believe in delivering against all odds.


We align with the needs of the client organisation like an insider would.


We believe in finding solutions that work; not solutions that create more problems.

Awards and Recognition