“The main goal of our course is to develop the individual’s independent analytical thought process – to master data science and provide efficient and impactful solutions, through an inherited sense of complex subjects. In this constantly evolving technological and business environment, this course will help the individual to develop a strong foundation and make him/her able to adapt and manage changes more efficiently.”

Why Data Science?

The field of data science is evolving into one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand fields in the world. With machine learning and data analytics skills are helping organizations create systems that can understand, learn, predict, adapt, and operate on their own to provide significant business impacts. Some examples of applications are from predicting the next hot product, who will default, to determining the risk of an infectious disease outbreak, etc. According to NASSCOM the (Big) Data analytics sector in India is expected to witness an eight-fold growth by 2025 – from the current $2 billion to $16 billion, making the India one among the top three markets globally in this sector. This is and will be driving number of analytics jobs exponentially year by year. Skills in R and Python remain the most sought after that companies are looking for, with almost 36 per cent of advertised analytics jobs in India demanding R as a core skill and another 30 per cent Python, followed by Hadoop, SAS and Spark, among others.

Program Features

Created and mentored by top industry professionals

In-classroom and online learning portal

Live Industrial Capstone Projects

Materials and templates to practice at home

Industry ready exercises based on case studies

Professional toolkits included

Placement assistance for 1 year through industry connects

Validation to your skills through certification

Enable you to develop next generation product and services

Job Roles

Data Scientist

Roles: Manage, apply, analyse and interpret (big) data theories and methods.
Mindset: Logical and passionate.
Skills: Good applied statistics skills for example distributions, statistical testing, regression, etc.

Data Architect

Roles: Create blueprints for data management systems, protect and maintain data sources.
Mindset: Pragmatic and evolutionary.
Skills: Knowledge and expertise in Data Analysis, Data

Data Analyst

Roles: Collect, process and perform statistical data analysis.
Mindset: Intuitive data junkie.
Skills: Knowledge of statistics and statistical packages (Excel, SAS, etc.)

Data Administrator

Roles: Ensure that the database is available for users.
Mindset: Diligent and Interpersonal.
Skills: General understanding of operating system, storage technologies, distributed computing architectures, networking, etc.

Data Engineer

Roles: Develops, constructs, tests and maintains architecture.
Mindset: Jack of all trades.
Skills: Deals in user defined functions and analytics, develops data management technologies and software engineering tools.

Business Analyst

Roles: Determine, extract, organize, protect and improve business requirements.
Mindset: Curious and inquisitive.
Skills: Expertise and ability in managing interpersonal management, analytical skills, planning communication and flexibility.

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